World EP

by Scientist

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released 15 May 2012



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Scientist Texas

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Track Name: Coming Up
When I was young I held my own
I walked the streets, I was always alone
You shook me up when I was in the dark
I showed my guns but you tore me apart

You’ve got me running circles in my mind
You get me running all the time
You’ve got me running circles in my mind
You get me on the regular

I’m coming up to you
Can I ever belong?
I’m coming up to you
Now I’m never alone

Shut out your voice, felt I was wrong
I grew up fast but I never belonged
I played my cards and then you showed your hand
But love was hard for me to understand
Track Name: Deep Down
I watched the water turn to rust
The leaves fall to the earth
The colors start to fade into dust
I saw the clouds block out the moon
The trees reach for the sky
The flowers start to bloom in the night

You kept it buried down
You kept it all deep down

The science of a secret’s killing me, killing you
And silence never ceases killing me, killing you
I’m still waiting, can’t stay here
Silence is killing me deep down

I heard the wind begin to move
The trees begin to sway
The dying earth removed start to quake
And I stayed the path that I was set
Followed the plotted course
Tried my best to stay moving forward
Track Name: Criminal
Watching the dead trees bloom life in the air
Making a scene of color everywhere
A rising flower breaks from the ground
All else fallow is certain to drown

But still we remain

If love is beautiful
Why are we all so criminal?
Love is volatile
Why are we all so criminal?

Burning dry ground shining its rays
The sun gives life and takes it away
Searching knowledge to understand
Changing seasons are changing the land
Track Name: World
Stare till it hurts, stare at the sun
Makes me well aware of how far we’ve spun

Rise up world, we’ve forgotten
Rise up world, we’ve lost it all

Where did we lose our heart?
How did we fall so far apart?

Struggling with the world, a fight at every turn
If we make enemies, will we ever learn?

I believe this earth could change if we want it, if we make a move
We don’t know what love truly is.
Have we lost it?
Can we find it?
Track Name: Forest
All this dirt and earth is getting in the way
Of all my progress that I’ve set at such a pace
And if I make it out alive will I be late?
This forest is my home, I know that I can change

Stay where you are I can keep you safe and warm in the end
There’s no need for change I can give you everything in the end

Listen to the trees as they sway back and forth
Singing me to sleep with songs I’ve heard before
Countless times I’ve tried to block out all the noise
The sound is beautiful, becomes hard to ignore

We’ll share and share alike
Until the end of time